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Woolworths Supermarket, Merimbula, NSW

Merimbula is a tourist destination on the south-coast of NSW. Recently Woolworths supermarket moved into larger premises on Main Street in the centre of town. The new development is 4000 square metres and has an underground car park increasing the available parking to 278 spaces. The large-scale development will bring increased investment into the regional town.

Project Design Brief

The supermarket required a large capacity grease trap to treat the trade wastewater generated from the bakery, delicatessen, seafood and butchery food preparation areas. A grease trap that was easy to install and enabled easy access for maintenance procedures was required. The trap also needed to be installed below the basement car park to enable the maximum number of car parking spaces to be available.

ACO's Solution

  • Lipumax-G 5000L Grease Trap with Class B ductile iron cover and concrete collar.


  • The lightweight grease trap  enabled easy installation in the basement car park
  • The Lipumax-G body is made from durable glass reinforced plastic, which provides excellent corrosion resistance properties
  • The iron cover with concrete collar is suitable for trafficking vehicles
  • The single access cover facilitates quick maintenance compared to traditional multi-part cover arrangements
Woolworths Merimbula

Other ACO products used:

  • Stainless steel channels
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