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ACO grease traps

ACO Passavant is a range of gravity grease traps designed for separating Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) from commercial kitchens and food processing wastewater.


Product range benefits

  • Compliant to various Australian water authorities and councils
  • Tough, one-piece rotational moulded construction manufactured from durable polyethylene with excellent corrosion resistance
  • Available for applications up to Load Class D210 kN, AS 3996: Access covers and grates
  • Single point of access for below ground applications
  • Designed and manufactured to EN 1825: Grease traps

Typical applications

Some areas where gravity grease traps are installed:

  • hotels, restaurants and hospital kitchens
  • cafeterias, food courts and canteens
  • butchers and meat processing facilities
  • food preserving factories and ready-made meal producers and suppliers

About Fats, Oils and Grease

The accumulation of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) in a drainage system creates problems for commercial kitchens, food processing facilities and downstream infrastructure. FOG is generated from cooking processes and enters the drainage system via sinks, dishwashers and drainage outlets.

Untreated FOG has damaging effects on sewer infrastructure and wastewater treatment plants and downstream may cause surcharges and environmental watercourse pollution.

Pollution resulting from FOG is a major concern for water authorities and local councils in Australia and grease traps are a method of extracting FOG from wastewater. Water authorities and local councils require grease traps and interceptors to be installed in commercial kitchen and food processing facilities.

ACO’s range of grease traps

About ACO Australia

Founded in 1946, the ACO Group has since established a strong reputation as reliable and innovative manufacturers of products for the building and construction industry. ACO in Australia was established in 1993 and is Australasia’s leading manufacturer of water and cable management products with production facilities located in Western Sydney and Goulburn, New South Wales. To read more, click here.

ACO Australia Office

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ACO is a global leader in water management, with products to collect, clean, hold and release water; addressing all phases of the water cycle and supporting water sensitive urban design. ACO offers a range of products for drainage and other services both outside and within the building envelope. To read more, click here.

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