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Ecojet above ground grease traps

Specifically designed for above ground applications, EcoJet grease traps have been engineered for easy installation in awkward and tight spaces and can be manoeuvered through narrow staircases and door openings.

EcoJet above ground grease traps are designed to provide efficient separation of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG).

EcoJet grease traps are manufactured from lightweight polyethylene and can be fitted with inspection windows for easy inspection of the grease level within the trap.

Ecojet Above Ground Grease Traps

Ecojet - features & benefits

Ecojet Grease Trap
1Maintenance opening with cover (lifting weight 1.5kg)
2Manufactured from durable recyclable polyethylene
3Optional inspection window to view grease level
4A range of sizes are available
5Maximum overall width of tank is 950mm and enables easy transport and installation in tight spaces
6Rigid one-piece rotational moulded tank construction
7Smooth wax-like internal surface facilitates easy cleaning
8Bolt provisions ensure the unit is securely fixed to a concrete floor
Parts list

Ecojet - product details

Ecojet Top View
Ecojet Side View

EcoJet parts table
Part No. Desc. Vol. (m³) Wt (Kg) Inlet/ Outlet D H1 H2 H3 L1 L2 B PDF DWG RFA
142088 EcoJet
0.63 80 110 1055 985 1500 1450 1650 700 PDF DWG RFA
142090 EcoJet
1.43 170 160 1250 1180 1700 1760 2000 950 PDF DWG RFA
142091 EcoJet
1.60 187 160 1250 1180 1700 1960 2200 950 PDF DWG RFA
142093 EcoJet
2.00 220 160 1250 1180 1700 2450 2690 950 PDF DWG RFA

EcoJet Accessories parts table
Part No. Description Weight (kg)
3300.13.00 Extension shaft* 12.0
142103 Baffle caps to suit NS 3-4 0.1
142104 Baffle caps to suit NS 5.5-10 0.1
142290 EcoJet grease level sensor

* Two required for all Queensland Urban Utilities applications - adds 204mm to height.

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