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Lipumax below ground grease traps

Lipumax below ground gravity grease traps are designed to provide efficient separation of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) with a durable and long service life.

The innovative design of the Lipumax body is purposefully engineered for load-bearing, in-ground applications and features a single access cover for quick and easy maintenance.

Lipumax-P is a polyethylene grease trap ranging from 720L up to 2000L. Lipumax-G is a GRP grease trap ranging from 3000L to 5000L capacity.

Below Ground Grease Seperators

Lipumax PPE - features & benefits

1Manufactured from durable polyethylene
1Cleanable, smooth internal surface
1AS 3996 compliant access covers with
concrete collars
1Light for easy transport and installation

Lipumax (P & G) - features & benefits

Below Ground Grease Separators
1Precast collar and access cover to suit Load Class B and D applications (AS 3996)
2Single access point for easy maintenance with a choice of access covers available
3Lightweight construction for easy installation
4Manufactured from recyclable durable polyethylene
5Built-in rib structure provides positive features to key into surrounding material
6Smooth wax-like internal surface facilitates easy cleaning
7Rigid rotationally moulded tank construction
8Manufactured from durable Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)

Lipumax - product details

Lipumax Grease Traps

Lipumax PPE
Part No. Description Weight Empty (Kg) Diameter of unit
Invert of outlet to top
Invert of inlet to
top (H1)
Invert of inlet to
top (H2)
143267 Lipumax PPE 1000L 116 1000 1944 540 470 PDF DWG -
143268 Lipumax PPE 1500L 128 1400 1635 555 485 PDF DWG -
143269 Lipumax PPE 2000L 207 1400 2117 725 655 PDF DWG -
143270 Lipumax PPE 3000L 287 1950 1702 590 520 PDF DWG -
143271 Lipumax PPE 4000L 352 1950 1999 550 480 PDF DWG -
143272 Lipumax PPE 5000L 467 1950 2397 580 510 PDF DWG -

Lipumax (P & G)
Part No. Description Volume (m³) Weight Empty (Kg) Inlet /Outlet H H1 H2 D PDF DWG RFA
142094 Lipumax-P 720L 0.72 63 110 1349 1022 952 1320 PDF DWG RFA
142095 Lipumax-P 1000L 1.47 93 110 2101 1774 1704 1320 PDF DWG RFA
142096 Lipumax-P 1500L 1.68 108 160 2308 1956 1886 1320 PDF DWG RFA
142098 Lipumax-P 2000L 2.17 125 160 2790 2438 2368 1320 PDF DWG RFA
142960 Lipumax-G 3000L 3.00 283 110 2192 1365 1295 2040 PDF DWG RFA
142961 Lipumax-G 4000L 4.00 302 110 2529 1630 1560 2040 PDF DWG RFA
142962 Lipumax-G 5000L 5.00 456 110 2479 1410 1340 2440 PDF DWG RFA

Lipumax accessories table
Part No. Description Weight (kg)
142350 Riser tube (short) 22.0
142970 Riser tube (long) 48.0
142105 Baffle cap to suit 100∅ inlet/outlet 0.1
142106 Baffle capt to suit 160∅ inlet/outlet 0.1

Lipumax Access Covers and Accessories

Cover assemblies table

Cover and collar

lipumax cover and collar

Cover type Part No. Weight (kg)
SAKU Class B 142296 149
Rhinocast Class B 142120 215
Rhinocast Class D 142099* 366

Cover, collar and riser tube

lipumax cover collar and riser tube

Cover type Short Long
Part No. Weight (kg) Part No. Weight (kg)
SAKU Class B 142780 171
Rhinocast Class B 142781 237 142951 262
Rhinocast Class D 142782 388 142952 413

Cover, collar, riser tube and load distribution plate

lipumax cover collar riser tube and load distribution plate

Cover type Short Long
Part No. Weight (kg) Part No. Weight (kg)
Rhinocast Class D 142299* 1121 142953 1146

Note: All dimensions are in mm.
 *To suit engineered slab details, see page 19 for more information.

Cover assemblies accessories table
Part No. Description Weight (kg)
84306 SAKU short handled lifting key 0.1
84654 Rhinocast short handled lifting key 0.1
84854 Rhinocast short handled lifting key 0.1

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