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Waste water management: getting your specification right

This New Year, you might be looking to specify a new grease management or drainage system to improve the health…

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healthy commercial kitchen

Our recipe for a healthy commercial kitchen

Food quality, food safety, the quality of staff and cooking equipment are key priorities for any foodservice business.  In contrast,…

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grease separation from trade waste

A greater range for grease separation from trade waste

Management of wastewater from hospitality applications takes a step forward with the extension of ACO’s range of in-ground gravity grease…

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effectiveness of grease traps

The Effectiveness of ACO’s Grease Trap Systems

ACO's range of grease traps includes a variety of gravity grease traps for preventing the build-up of grease, oils and…

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fat level controller

ACO Grease Level Sensor reduces ceiling heights in above ground applications

ACO has developed a key product to accompany its EcoJet line of above ground, free standing grease separators. ACO’s EcoJet…

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ACO grease traps

Bring your plans to life with ACO Revit models

Once upon a time, building design traditionally relied upon drafting of two-dimensional buildings with pen and paper drawings. This created…

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ACO Passavant grease traps

ACO Passavant – Commercial Grade Grease traps

Who are we? We are ACO, short for the Ahlmann Company. We’re a family enterprise founded by Josef-Severin Ahlmann in…

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separation of fats

The Australian Standard for grease trap

Collections of Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) within a drainage system are a serious problem if not dealt with, especially…

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Why you may require a grease trap

The impact of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) on a drainage system can be severe to commercial kitchens, food processing…

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The perfect FOG solution for restaurant owners

Restaurant owners face significant challenges when it comes to staying top rated. The food needs to be excellent, the service…

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ACO Passavant product information and installation

ACO has developed and refined its Passavant range of gravity grease traps that provide comprehensive service to the commercial kitchen…

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ACO Passavant Grease Traps

Every commercial kitchen and food processing business produces waste Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) as part of its operation, and…

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