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ACO Passavant – Commercial Grade Grease traps

Who are we?

We are ACO, short for the Ahlmann Company. We’re a family enterprise founded by Josef-Severin Ahlmann in 1940s, Germany. We are the pioneers behind ground breaking drainage solutions using polymer concrete, and following great success, we have since expanded worldwide. ACO are the global industry leaders across Europe, the USA, Asia and Australasia, with manufacturing facilities, subsidiaries and over 3800 employees in more than 40 countries. ACO Pty Ltd headquarters can be found in Sydney, Australia, with offices and warehouses located in South East Asia and the South Pacific. Today, the ACO Group is known for our extensive range of industry leading drainage solutions which underpins its global tagline ‘ACO. The Future of Drainage.’

So we think it’s time we introduced you to the newest member of the family.

We’ve launched ACO Passavant, a dedicated website to discover our range of gravity grease traps. In the hospitality industry, drainage is probably the last thing on your mind. But an inadequate wastewater management system doesn’t just leave customers with a bad smell – it can have a much longer lasting impact. Mismanaged wastewater compromises our infrastructure, creating hazards for our health and hygiene, workplace health and safety, piping structures, our flora and fauna and general environmental quality. By not managing wastewater properly, we are not only facing steep repair bills, but we are susceptible to serious consequences, including damaging our ecosystem and breaching legal statutes put in place to protect everyone’s safety and wellbeing. The downstream effects of poor wastewater management are well known worldwide as seen at ‘Fatberg’ in Durham, United Kingdom where the cumulative consequences of a city’s inadequate wastewater management network surfaced in the mainstream media.

We all have a part to play to minimise waste and dispose of it properly.

No matter what facility you’re designing, we have the right drainage solution for you. We offer product advice and solutions for commercial kitchens, food courts, hotels, restaurants, hospital kitchens, cafeterias, canteens, cafes, butchers, meat, food and ready-made meal processing facilities and factories, and much, much more.

We have the solution to your individual drainage problem.

We help eliminate waste from fats, oils and greases (FOGs) entered through sinks, dishwashers, kitchen appliances and other drainage outlets with our grease traps. In Australia and overseas, councils and water authorities require you to install certified grease traps that comply with local regulations. We distribute different grease traps depending on your bespoke circumstances. We’ll help you assess the capacity needed for the volume of grease, the placement of your trap, as well as any other requirements or approval guidelines that you need from the construction and installation of your grease trap for the establishment.

We supply two categories of grease traps:

The EcoJet is our above ground grease trap system, guaranteeing over 25 years of high performance usage. See video of ACO’s above ground grease trap The Lipumax model is specially designed for below ground installation and is built to be trafficked.See video of ACO’s below ground grease traps Unlike other traps on the market, our grease traps use rotational moulded polyethylene and do not require lining. By choosing ACO, your grease trap system will be easy to maintain, lightweight and flexible to install yet robust to last. They are suitable for alkaline and acidic soils and is chemical and corrosion resistant for longevity and efficiency.

Why should you choose ACO?

  • Certified by Australian legislative bodies including water authorities and councils
  • Certified to EN 1825: Grease traps, a performance-driven European Standard used across Europe and Asia
  • Certified by the ISO 9001: Quality Management System Standard
  • Compliant with industry standard specifications (AS 3996) with our range of access covers

Discover ACO Passavant for yourself today.

ACO Passavant grease separatorsACO’s new micro site offers more content and product information to help make your learning and decision-making processes easier. You’ll find technical handbooks, Revit models, drawings and installation guides to better conceptualise how our Lipumax and EcoJet lines will fit in with your designs.


On the product solutions page, browse our range, their individual benefits and typical applications. Learn more by watching ourYouTube video demonstrating the products’ functionality. By selecting a load class for your grease trap, you can then discover product dimensions, features, downloads for PDF drawings, Revit models and ordering options. You can also discover a link to read more about high volume grease separation options for multiple connectors.


By clicking on industry solutions, find up-to-date industry information, an approved size guide table for designers and installers selecting a product in line with relevant authorising bodies and links to region-specific fact sheets.


Browse our ACO Passavant case studies, where you’ll find specific examples on how our grease trapsystems have helped clients with their drainage. Take Genesis Christian College, whose professionally equipped stainless steel kitchen required a durable and easily maintainable grease trap.  On other parts of the ACO Passavant site, you can discover more on the ACO company, our other ACO products and find contact details and area maps showing our sales office locations.

What comes next?

Don’t make it a management problem for business owners, it can be an employee disruption, it could trigger alarm bells for customers and clients when they experience an establishment through all the senses.

If you’re ready to browse our industry leading products that’ll help you reduce your environmental footprint and comply with workplace regulations, visit ACO Passavant now.

And if you’d like to speak with an expert today, please call 1300 765 226 or contact us now via email.

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