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ACO Passavant Grease Traps

Every commercial kitchen and food processing business produces waste Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) as part of its operation, and these have to be properly collected, treated and disposed of safely and efficiently. Waste FOG is generated by preparation and cooking processes, including the oil used to cook food and the melted animal fat produced as food is cooked, as well as leftover food from the kitchen.

The way operator’s dispose of FOG has come under increased scrutiny because of the potential volume of FOG that can be produced as a result of the operations activity and the concentrations of food service operations sharing the same sewer network.

It is also increasingly important that disposal of FOG, particularly when produced in large quantities in commercial kitchens is done responsibly and sustainably, because without its removal it will put a further burden on the sewage network and treatment system. As well as blocked drains and sewers, problems directly associated with FOG include; internal and external property and sewer flooding, odours and infestation by vermin and insects. More locally, blocked or inefficient drains inside or close to a food service operation severely limit the operation and cause many problems including hygiene, odour and food safety issues as well as costing money to resolve.

Ecojet And Lipumax

ACO Passavant is a range of grease traps in various sizes and shapes to integrate with any kitchen environment, either above (EcoJet and HydroJet) or below ground (Lipumax). The systems provide hygienic, effective methods of dealing with grease management and disposal, with a selection of accessories to suit all applications.

ACO Passavant grease traps operate on gravity separation of density differences, light substances such as animal fats and oils rise to the top of the grease trap, where food scraps and sediment sink to the bottom. The treated wastewater is discharged via an outlet pipe.

ACO Passavant traps have state of the art technologies available to ease maintenance, including fully automated cleaning and re-filling of the tank.

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