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256 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, WA

Septimus Roe Square, named after the first Surveyor-General of Western Australia is a high quality, modern office building located on prime real estate in Perth’s CBD.

The building has Swan River views from the upper floors and high profile tenants, including BHP and Shell. The ground level of the building has food outlets, a new restaurant and catering college.

Project Design Brief

The restaurant and catering college were required to install a Western Australia Water Corporation compliant grease trap to intercept the fats, oils and grease produced from the various cooking processes in the commercial kitchens. A simple solution providing trouble-free installation and enabling easy and efficient maintenance was required.

ACO's Solution


  • A lightweight, compact unit that can be easily carried into position by installers,
    negating the need for mechanical lifting assistance
  • The 2000 litre storage capacity is capable of treating a large volume of wastewater
  • The grease trap located on the first level of the car park allows for easy access by waste management vehicles
  • The traps are installed close to the kitchens, minimising the amount of pipework required, ensuring an economical and efficient plumbing connection
  • Bolt provisions ensure the unit is securely fixed to the concrete floor
256 Adelaid Terrace
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