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Flavours, Hobart, Tas

TasWater has recently introduced a Commercial Compliance Program to help Tasmanian businesses improve the quality of wastewater discharge and become trade waste compliant. The program offers a no interest repayment scheme to help cover the cost of installing a compliant trade waste pre-treatment system.

Project Design Brief

Flavours Restaurant in Sandy Bay chose to become trade waste compliant and therefore install a pre-treatment device under the Commercial Compliance Program. However designers were challenged with the minimal outdoor space the restaurant had available.

ACO's Solution

  • Lipumax-P 1500L in-ground grease trap


  • With a narrow oval shape, the Lipumax body has a small footprint, making it ideal for retrofit applications
  • The grease trap body is made from durable polyethylene which provides excellent corrosion resistance properties
  • Lipumax body units are also designed to resist hydrostatic forces generated from in-ground installations
Flavours Chinese Restaurant Tasmania
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