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A commercial grease trap is an important component to your business for your commercial kitchen purposes, ensuring that at the end of the day you can effectively and efficiently dispose of your wastage properly. Installing a kitchen waste trap designed and manufactured by the trusted ACO brand ensures that commercial waste taken care of and you’re doing your bit for the environment to make sure that grease is disposed of in the best method possible.

Installing an ACO commercial kitchen grease separator in your business means that any grease and solids from your day-to-day operations can enter a wastewater disposal system , treating the waste before it reaches the sewers. The device reduces the amount of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) that enter the main sewers, reducing the likelihood of overflow and blockages. A grease interceptor (or grease trap) installed in a commercial kitchen must comply with industrial standards for the correct disposal of wastewater. When you work with ACO to install the right grease trap in your commercial kitchen, you not only know that the specifications will meet your workplace, but it has been approved by the appropriate water management governing bodies, so peace of mind is ensured.

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