ACO Passavant – grease traps

Lipumax parts table

Part NoDescriptionVolume (m³)Weight Empty (Kg)Inlet/OutletHH1H2DPDFDWGRFA
142094Lipumax-P 720L0.7263110134910229521320
142095 Lipumax-P 1000L1.47931102101177417041320
142096Lipumax-P 1500L1.681081602308195618861320
142098Lipumax-P 2000L2.171251602790243823681320
142960Lipumax-G 3000L 3.002831102192136512952040
142961Lipumax-G 4000L4.003021102529163015602040
142962Lipumax-G 5000L5.004561102479141013402440

 Note: All dimensions are in mm.

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Lipumax accessories table

Part No.DescriptionWeight (kg)
142350Riser tube22.0
142105Baffle cap to suit 100∅ inlet/outlet0.1
142106Baffle capt to suit 160∅ inlet/outlet0.1


Cover typeCover and collarCover, collar and
riser tube
Cover, collar, riser tube and
load distribution plate
Part No.Weight (kg)Part No.Weight (kg)Part No.Weight (kg)
SAKU Class B142296149142780171--
Rhinocast Class B142120215142781237--
Rhinocast Class D142099*366142782388142299*1121

Note: *To suit engineered slab details, see page 19 for more information.

Note: All dimensions are in mm.

Part No.DescriptionWeight (kg)
84306SAKU short handled lifting key0.1
84654Rhinocast short handled lifting key0.1
84854Rhinocast short handled lifting key0.1