ACO Passavant – grease traps

EcoJet above ground grease traps product details

Part No.DescriptionVolume (m³)Weight Empty (kg)Inlet/Outlet DH1H2H3L1L2BPDFDWGRFA
142088EcoJet 630L0.63801101055985150014501650700
142089EcoJet 830L0.83951101055985150017602000700
142090EcoJet 1000L1.4317016012501180170017602000950
142091EcoJet 1500L1.6018716012501180170019602200950
142093EcoJet 2000L2.0022016012501180170024502690950
Part No.DescriptionWeight (kg)
0170.31.05Extension shaft*12.0
142103Baffle caps to suit NS 3-40.1
142104Baffle caps to suit NS 5.5-100.1

* Two required for all Queensland Urban Utilities applications


EcoJet grease level sensor

ACO's EcoJet above ground grease traps are available with an optional grease level sensor to alert the user when the maximum grease level has been reached.


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