ACO Passavant

Specification considerations

Choosing the correct grease separator is essential to prevent wastewater related problems and product failures. The four key factors to consider are summarised below and covered in more detail on pages 8 to 11.

Construction materials

Various materials are used to manufacture grease separators that will affect the performance and design life of the product.

ACO Passavant grease separators are manufactured from lightweight polyethylene assisting workplace health and safety.

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There are local and international regulations that govern the specification of below and above ground grease separators.

Below ground grease separators require access covers for maintenance and must comply with load class regulations.

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Access for maintenance

Grease separators need to be serviceable.

ACO’s range of grease separators have dedicated access points for regular servicing and maintenance. ACO’s Lipumax below ground grease separators have the advantage of a single access point.

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Buoyancy in high water table areas must be considered at the specification stage for below ground grease separators.

ACO’s Lipumax grease separators are specifically engineered for below ground installations.

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