ACO Passavant

Specialist grease separators

The ACO Group has been selling grease separators for more than twenty years. The designs have evolved to overcome a wide range of challenges, such as remote environments, awkward spaces, large capacity options and locations where fire resistance is paramount.

Partial disposal method

Grease separators operating on the partial disposal method, discharge the FOG and sludge into two separate containers that are eventually collected and replaced. The treated wastewater is then released to the sewer system. This method of grease removal
is useful for situations where service vehicles have difficulty accessing the site.

The Neumayer III Research Station in Antarctica uses the partial disposal method to collect and dispose of FOG and sludge waste sustainably in an ecologically sensitive environment.

Split design grease separator

ACO has designed grease separators with the ability to be split into two parts. This flexible design enables the grease separator to be installed in applications that have narrow and restricted access, for example tight stairwells. These separators are specially designed for easy transportation and assembly.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel grease separators are required for applications where fire resistance is important, for example shipping and airport applications. ACO offers these grease separators in a rectangular and round design. Geneva Airport has installed two Lipurat NS 25 grease separators.

Large capacity, single grease separators

OXL above ground grease separators are designed for large scale projects, such as shopping centres and flight catering applications. They vary in size up to NS 30, totalling 7200 litres capacity.