ACO Passavant

High Volume Grease Separation Options

Parallel connection

Grease separators can be installed in a parallel configuration for large volumes of grease separation.

A Flow Distributor Fitting (supplied by ACO) splits the flow equally into two grease separators. The Flow Distributor Fitting reduces turbulence and maintains hydraulic flow and effluent quality.

Dedicated connection

For large volumes of grease separation, specific appliances can be plumbed to a dedicated grease separator.

his method is beneficial for large scale operations where kitchen equipment is spaced apart. This method also allows for shorter pipe runs, minimising the possibility of blockages in the pipework.

In-series connection

ACO does not recommend connecting the grease separators in series, as the first separator is forced to take the full hydraulic load, leaving the second separator under utilised.

This method is inefficient, as retention times are compromised and there is an uneven distribution of sediment in each separator.

Flow Distributor Fitting

ACO offers a choice of HDPE flow distribution fittings that evenly splits the incoming flow to two grease separators. The ‘Y’ branches are positioned level to enable an even flow distribution.

An access point is required at the inlet of the Flow Distributor Fitting to enable rodding access for maintenance.

Reducer couplings can be used to reduce the pipe diameter of the Flow Distributor Fitting.

Lipumax Parts Table

Part No.QuantityTotal capacity (L)
142095 22930
142098 24340

EcoJet Parts Table

Part No.QuantityTotal capacity (L)
142091 23200
142093 2 4000

Flow Distributor Fitting – 110mm diameter (OD)

Flow Distributor Fitting – 160mm diameter (OD)

Flow Distributor Fitting Parts Table

Part No.Description
142101Ø 110mm, splits to two (2) separators
142102Ø 160mm, splits to two (2) separators