ACO Passavant

Lipumax below ground grease separators

Strength and durability

  • NATA certified access cover assembly with reinforced precast concrete collar
  • Rigid one-piece rotational moulded tank construction provides structural strength
  • Independently certified for 50 years product stability

High performance

  • Approved by numerous Australian water authorities and councils
  • German engineered to EN 1825: Grease separators
  • Access covers are available for Class B 80 kN and Class D 210 kN
  • Access covers are certified to AS 3996 (Optional load distribution plate and riser tube is available)

Resistance to buoyancy

  • Resists hydrostatic forces generated from changing ground water levels
  • Built-in rib structure provides positive features to key into the surrounding material
  • Ovoid body design allows for the surrounding material to be compacted around and above the grease separator to prevent floating
  • Load distribution plate is available for additional weight for high water table areas, see Lipumax Class D product details.